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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paper Bag Albums

So my good friend Patsy has me hooked on these
cute and easy Paper Bag Albums!

This one is called a
Matchbook Album
because it opens like a book of matches!

The idea came from Kathy Orta and of course I had to make one.
Actually I've made about half a dozen because my aunt loved them
and bought some to keep on hand as presents!

They are super easy and quick to make.
All you need is 6 paper bags, I used the ones from Michael's that are found
in the giftwrap section, a pack of 6x6 paper for whatever theme you are wanting,
at least one 12x12 piece of coordinating paper to make the cover out of, and
another solid color for the back cover.  Of course embellishments and ribbon are
also a good idea to add that special touch.

I also got this paper bag album idea via Patsy, but I'm not sure where she got the idea,
but when I find out, I will post it for you!

Again, this album is made with 6 paper bags, but unlike the previous one,
You don't unfold the bag so it's actually about 2 inches smaller in height.
There are lots of places for photos (see the tags with the ribbons?) and plenty 
of places to do some journaling and store little keepsakes.
Again I bought a 6x6 paper pack and a 12x12 for the cover.  This one also
requires cardboard for the covers, so be sure to have some on hand.
For this one, I bought the coordinating stickers, some were flat,
some were the cardboard type, and added them throughout the album.  
I also bought a small pack of canvas (Hobby Lobby has them in the painting areas)
and attached a piece of coordinating paper to the sticky part (inside) and used it to make
a spine.  I believe I cut a piece that was 3-4 inches wide and just a little taller than the height
so I could punch a boarder and trim it once I had it attached. 
But you could do something different like rings or ribbon, 
I just thought this was easier and you can paint or ink it to match the book!
I will be making some this weekend and hope to post them for sale, but if
you want one for something specific, I will try my best to do it for you!
Matchbook Album $15
Brag Book Album $25
Happy Crafting!

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